System Upgrade Update

Friday May 4th, 2018

This past week we have released numerous patches as bugs have been identified each day. These have been primarily in the area of reporting which has proven to be particularly difficult to get corrected. On occasion, we have had some timeouts but we are monitoring all of this extremely closely and are able to restore service very quickly. Processing services have for the most part been stable except during the occasional timeouts. But even during the timeouts, we are finding that most payments are accepted and the timeout is due to an error related to communicating back to our Legacy SOAP API. Unfortunately, this gives the perception that the authorization has failed when in fact it has not. We are working on auditing transaction logs to reflect reporting activity accurately.

As we head into the weekend we will continue to work in all areas. Please continue to direct all inquiries to us through a consolidated logging tool at Please provide as much detail to us as possible. This has been particularly helpful for our team in quickly fixing bugs.

If personnel wish to be added to this email distribution list (which is pulled from all active users of the Virtual Terminal), please go here to be added to the email list.

Once again, the grace that has been extended to us is much appreciated.

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